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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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join the club conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the status of jerusalem comes before the u.n.
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security council a draft resolution rejecting the u.s. policy change is to go to a vote. live from london coming up delegates from south africa's ruling a.n.c. have chosen their new leader an announcement is imminent. donald trump's about to unveil a new national security strategy intended to implement his america first doctrine. and. celebrates his election for a new term as chile's president. i know the u.n. security council is getting ready to vote on a draft resolution rejecting the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital u.s. president donald trump's policy shift on jerusalem earlier this month has been
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widely criticized and a sparked mass protests around the world it was more anger across the palestinian territory on sunday night with demonstrators burning effigies of trump and israel's need of benjamin netanyahu. united nations force so mike how much support is there for the resolution at the u.n. . well lauren they have the know taking part in a shed yule briefing on the mideast palestine being briefed by the special representative nicholai not enough but the debate about the resolution that's due to be introduced by egypt has in effect already begun we've heard from a number of the members on their way into the chamber fall this meeting saying very clearly that they were going to vote in favor of the resolution which after all is simply a summation of the u.n. position established on the status of jerusalem over a period of decades among those making very clear which way he was going to vote
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was u.k. ambassador. to the united kingdom will vote in favor of the egyptian text on jerusalem because it is in line with our longstanding position on jerusalem it is in line with previous security council resolutions. and. we call on all parties to a new efforts in favor of a long sustained on a sustainable peace in the middle east that we also call on all political leaders to encourage everyone to refrain from violence it is only in a peaceful situation that the chances of peace will be maximized. and what's the u.s. position been surrounding this. well the u.s. position has been very clear they are not going to back down on their decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel and we heard from the
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u.s. ambassador during the discussions about israel of middle east of palestine making very clear what the u.s. position was now she was referring to a resolution that was passed by the security council exactly one year ago one which condemned settlement building as an obstacle to peace now historically the obama administration abstained from a vote the only time during of the obama eight year terms that the u.s. abstained from a vote concerning israel did not exercise a veto the ambassador current ambassador making very clear that should that vote happen are the u.s. would definitely veto it giving every indication that they are going to veto this gyptian resolution her arguing very strongly that there is a constant bias as she puts it by the u.n. against israel the united states refuses to accept the double standard that says
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we are not impartial when we stand by the will of the american people by moving our u.s. embassy but somehow the united nations is a neutral party when it consistently singled out israel for condemnation. for decades israel has withstood wave after wave of bias in the un and its agencies so mike if this is vetoed by the u.s. this particular resolution what will the next move be by the palestinians. well the palestinians have made very clear that they have basically a two pronged strategy firstly they want to ensure that no other nation follows the u.s. lead hence egypt has drafted this particular resolution in a way that does not single out the united states incidentally just arguing against any state that would decide to establish or recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel but the second problem of the palestinian approach should as indeed very
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likely their resolution be vetoed is to go to the general assembly and have the resolution introduced in the general assembly now remembering that any vote there would be non-binding on members but there is no veto within the general assembly so that resolution could be passed the apparent intent of the palestinians to shine a spotlight on the degree to which the u.s. is divergent from the rest of the world with regard to the status of jerusalem and in terms of its general policy on israel status and of course the future of jerusalem itself mike hanna at the u.n. thank you very much indeed. thank. you u.s. president all trump is set to lay out his national security strategy in a speech in washington d.c.
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centered around his america first campaign slogan the document has been a year in the making trump is expected to label china and russia as competitors seeking to challenge u.s. power and erode its security the countries he will say aim to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence or both countries are accused of cyber attacks against america and trump's new strategy will pledge to go after malicious cyber actors and protect u.s. infrastructure from cyber hacking trump is expected to drop former president obama's declaration that climate change poses a national security threat to the u.s. and the strategy will cite north korea iran and what the administration calls islamist militants as threats to u.s. interests let's get more now from our white house correspondent who's live in washington d.c. for us so to me some of the themes emerging and what you think the big ones will be that people will really pick up on. well i think you've already touched on the main
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themes but if you would let me expand a little bit i think when it comes to the sort of america first priority that we expect will be outlined in the president's speech certainly this is a return to a lot of the statements that were made on the campaign trail but the president seemed to draw back a little bit from in recent months while we heard on the campaign trail a lot of support texting the homeland type themes that bolstering bought border security which we expect will be elements of the speech what we saw the president doing in fact today in recent months was despite this sort of expectation that he will return to kind of a cold war mentality with respect to china and russia we see just the exact opposite from the president in recent months particularly when it comes to china of course works very much at the beginning of his administration with president xi in trying to exert economic influence of china to rein in north korea and with respect to russia also significant just even in the last forty eight hours we saw
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a readout coming from the white house where in fact it was sort of praising the cooperation of both the united states and russia in terms of stopping an attack in st petersburg as a result of intelligence tip so this is significant because what we see here is this tough talk with regard to china and russia that we expect will be in the speech but then again some of the president's more recent actions showing just the exact opposite which is also notable we expect is that the president will not in this speech touch on the fact that russia was heavily involved in influencing through social media campaigns the u.s. election sometimes in kind of the politics of washington why is a speech like this which a year into a presidency want to set out a strategy now what's the kind of what's the big deal behind this particular speech and on what it involves. it's not optional it's congressionally mandated so the president does need to outline this strategy what's significant about this though
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lauren is the fact that the president wanted to deliver this himself where that's a contrast to what we saw from the obama administrations from the bush administrations and one of the thing that you touched on at the beginning of this that is also a contest with respect to the obama administration is the point about climate change and how that impacts national security not only is the president not going to identify this is sort of eliminated from the list of global threats as we saw under the obama administration but it's an odds with his very own secretary of defense and also the pentagon that does see this as certainly an element of security concern and risk for the united states can be how could thank you very much indeed three gunmen who stormed a construction site in the afghan capital kabul have been killed after a standoff and gun battle with security forces it's believed they took control of the partially built building in order to fire down into a neighborhood in neighboring intelligence training center the three men launch
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their failed attack with a car bomb and rocket propelled grenades i solicit claiming responsibility in britain a man has been arrested after he drove a car at an air force base checkpoint used by u.s. service personnel nobody was injured in the incident which took place at our afternoon hole in suffolk in eastern england it's home to the one hundred air refueling wing of the u.s. air force british police wouldn't you describe the incident as significant. in chile the billionaire businessman sebastian pinera wants to push for greater economic growth after his convincing win in the presidential runoff vote yes votes than any president since cheney's return to democracy twenty seven years ago but the results of the biggest ever loss for the center left coalition latin america. chile's billionaire president elected got what he wanted another crack at the presidency for the second time in twenty seven years chile has swung from the
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center left to the center right both times the civil stamping it out the markets favorite the former president a successful businessman promises better times ahead as he extends an olive branch to the uk if he does i committed to all chileans a commitment to unity and dialogue and so i invite all of our previous presidents to share their experience and advise with me so that we can reach national agreements to tackle the biggest problems. at the headquarters of center left candidate. there were long faces had run on the promise of accelerating the social reforms started by the current government of president michel by chile but the former journalists inexperience and chilly sluggish economic growth ultimately gave the conservatives the upper hand bennetta has been linked to several shady business deals and political scandals but clearly it did not matter i think the general
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issues that politicians announce a discredits and that people just assume that they are liars will be so whatever and then choose between the lesser of two evils chileans have made their decision joining the recent latin american swing towards the political right and the button is going to get out would not have an easy time of it not only because the electorate has proven itself to be more demanding but also because you will not enjoy a majority in the legislature. which means speaking it i will have a hard time road. back on still popular social reforms as is happening in brazil and neighboring argentina being you know government is going to be more of an administrative government is going to going to be very similar to what we saw in his first term in power it's going to be more short term oriented it's going to be related to jobs but this time around sebastien to get out will have to be less accommodating to the business elite the election has shown that chileans have become far more demanding and are expecting results no matter how hard they may be
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to deliver. the sea and human i'll just see down some talent. still ahead of al jazeera will bring you the results from a nail biting election in the indian state of gujarat. upcycling the refugee crisis i'm joined all of these are beds and trance recovered from refugee camps being made into bags and backpacks while the refugees who are themselves making a new life here in greece. hello there we don't have a great deal of cloud over parts of china at the moment of us allowing it to get pretty cold these pictures are from chong chang showing just how chilly it's been here the temperature is a clearly well below freezing and that's giving quite a spectacular display of frost and rhyme there and lots of ice around plenty more
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clear skies still to come for many of us the wind still feeding down from the north so it's not going to feel particularly warm despite the temperatures should make it to double figures the chunk i will get to around ten and around eighteen in hong kong on tuesday the cloud and the heavy rain that's away across the philippines the main storm has cleared away from the philippines but still plenty of cloud and plenty of showers following in its wake so we do expect more heavy downpours head if we head out towards the west for many of us in. india it's fine and dry we do have this little area of cloud here that's making things a little bit gray really this felt a great deal of significant rain on that during the day on tuesday and to the south of that slush fine and dry into you head down towards sri lanka and here we are expecting some more rather sharp showers those will be spreading their way into the southern parts of india there as we head through the day on wednesday then the area that sticks around across the central belt is making all the way up towards nepal but again not really any significant rain on the.
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counting the cost the mouse wins over the fall we'll look at disney's acquisition of twenty first century fox impact on media. net neutrality and where the changes will affect how we view. making the most of the greeks. this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera is on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for the forty s. that's incredibly.
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and i'm going to remind our top stories here. protests across the occupied palestinian territories as the u.n. security council gets ready to vote on a draft resolution rejecting the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. u.s. president donald trump is preparing to lay out his national security strategy in a speech in washington d.c. centered around his america first campaign slogan. three gunmen who stormed a construction site in the afghan capital kabul have been killed after a standoff with security forces. south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. is expected very shortly to announce who will succeed president jacob zuma as it's needed it's party conference in johannesburg the win it will almost certainly lead the party into the twenty nineteen election when zuma steps down as president often second term the two official candidates are current deputy president zero on the poza and zuma is ex-wife and closes on a meanie. on your pages at the conference in johannesburg and spence is killing us
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isn't that we've been waiting for this for quite a while now any hints and clues as to who is going to. no i don't have any so close i think if you start giving you sort of fall into a bit of a trap because they had said earlier it would be closer to midnight and then they said five or ten minutes of that was about an hour or so ago so without a doubt they have never been closer but exactly when we just can't say this wasn't just the race for the presidency but for all top six positions in the. the four thousand eight hundred delegates had quite a substantial ballot paper and they need to make sure that the results verified that there perhaps is a double count happening that they are one hundred percent certain because it was expected to be a tight race however heading into the final vote. head four hundred more nominations from the branches. so he had what looked like
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a pretty clear advantage although once they get into the ballot. the polling station itself of course those delegates perhaps may be swayed one way or the other by something or another and spread out first for people who maybe haven't been following this very closely what the different visions are for the two candidates and how different it would be in south africa. which wing. well there is a general consensus in south africa backed up by a lot of economic statistics that the country has done pretty poorly under president jacob zuma although under his tenure the a.n.c. has made a lot of strides in terms of building millions of homes expanding basic services like he announced on saturday that from higher education would be free to the country's poorest students how if. blighted by corruption and scandal after scandal
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since the very beginning of his presidency of the a.n.c. and prison. see all of the country and that's seem to have really tarnished not only his image but that of the a.n.c. and so the party's been really deeply divided between his style of governance and the catch an age that he's fostered under his tenure and. as his ex-wife although a strong politician in her own ride has been deemed by some to be sort of tainted by association she's run what many say has been a pretty populist campaign very pro poor and she's repeated one of his catchphrases that radical economic transformation on the other side of the fence deputy president ceramic campaigned on a really strong n.t. corruption. campaign and he is seen as being very strong in the business world he's one of south africa's wealthiest individuals and he also was well known
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. he was one of the key negotiators that led to a peaceful transition to democracy and one of the main writers of this country's very progressive constitution and he is something of a darling of the markets they have he has their backing which leads many people to believe that perhaps he would really be the right person to rebuild this country's economy and lead to economic growth and the creation of the millions of jobs that people here need tony page thank you very much and they will come back to that result comes through. military chiefs in zimbabwe have announced an end to the intervention which forced a former president robert mugabe to resign they don't stop or asian restore legacy last month as concerns grew over who would replace mugabe are matushka reports from harare. when the military into the field and put relevant guy under house arrest on the fifteenth of november the army say they were doing it to weed out criminal elements people that surrounded themselves around robert mugabe people their kids
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are trying to destroy and destabilize the country since then we saw soldiers stationed in strategic points in the capital city they've been doing joint patrols with the police try to maintain law and order now the program the army called operation restore legacy is over and the army say the situation on the ground is now back to normal operation restore league was launched on the thirteenth of november twenty seventh. and its main objective was to remove criminals that did surrounded the former president resulting. in disappointed insurmountable people. when some of the individuals who had been accounted for. the country. this notwithstanding the object do so in a large extent been achieved some people liked having the soldiers around the state at a board a sense of order especially when it came to dealing with the police some police
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officers here are known to be corrupt most recently complaining for many many years of having to pay huge bribes to corrupt police officials especially at roadblocks or that have somewhat stopped when the armies are doing these joint patrols with the police so people are wondering once the army has gone well the police behave but some people say sol just along in the bats especially when the country is preparing for elections next year they say you can't have a situation where people are campaigning registering to vote and voting and soldiers are still roaming around so mixed feelings in the country right now at this announcement that operation restore legacy is over what remains to be seen now is how the next few weeks will play out and if order really will be maintained without the soldiers on the ground. south sudan's government is blaming opposition forces for the abduction of six aid workers after clashes broke out between the two sides in the north west of the country comes as peace talks to end the four year
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civil war get underway in ethiopia's capital at a suburb they hope to introduce a ceasefire so the twenty fifteen peace agreement can be properly implemented tens of thousands have been killed since the fighting began four years ago and more than a third of the population has been displaced for the people to go back to go back to south sudan or to go back to the homes for the children to go back to school for people to get good medical services and to get food. was most must be silent and put the gun to be silent you know we have to agree here we have to agree on a comprehensive peace agreement. celebrations are under way in qatar for its national day it's a commemoration of the gulf nations unification on december the eighteenth eight hundred seventy eight this year's celebrations come six months into the gulf crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with qatar back in june accusing it of funding terrorism a charge though has strongly denied it's. a turkish court has ordered the release
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of a german journalist who's accused of publishing anti government propaganda a solid told who was arrested in april a working for a turkish news agency she and five others have been released on bail pending the outcome of the trial human rights groups say the arrests are a targeted crackdown on free speech and nail biting election in the indian state of gujarat to see the party of prime minister narendra modi hold on to power the janata party has govern for the past twenty two years if you go palin has more from graduates largest city a mad about. the b j p may have retained power but this race was watched so closely as it's being called the political fight of the century in the state of the congress has for the first time launched a campaign that's made to be j.p. nervous and made many believe that congress could actually win over the states but alas they fell short of seats although they have taken away seats from the b j p
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this also has been watched closely by the rest of the country as the country's prime minister narendra modi had a personal stake in this is his home state he came here personally to campaign on behalf of the b j p a loss for him would have been a loss of face and a lack of confidence in his policies now what these elections have done is raise certain issues in the state particularly unemployment inflation and the fact that the states economic growth is not benefiting everyone particularly the rural population and those of low income. at least twelve people have died after a building collapsed due to a fire in the indian city of mumbai rescuers managed to save many of the trapped workers the fos went through a sweet store before dawn when workers were still asleep in the building the cause of the fire is being investigated. if you will have taken place for those killed in sunday's suicide attack on a church in pakistan at least nine people died when two suicide bombers attacked
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worship is curious service in quite a relative's now with the pakistani government to provide extra security to ensure that they can attend christmas services safely. or. spirits are high peaceful and not discouraged we are not afraid of the tourists we will be attending go places of worship. the un is calling on countries to ensure the safety of people on the move as the world observes international migrants day the total number of international migrants has increased from an estimated one hundred seventy five million in two thousand to two hundred forty four million in two hundred fifteen nearly two thirds of those migrants are living in europe or asia and one in every ten is a child under the age of fifteen or the greek government has begun closing some of the many refugee camps set up in the past few years it's part of its policy of integrating the residents into the community on a feature camp north of athens was closed in early november and is trying to haul
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reports some of its residents have found a novel way of both making a living and helping the environment. while busy continues to store those on the refugee route into europe in a little warehouse north of athens some lives a changing for the better right know yes. i'm. happy now i'm ready to have you have. come a spring. here refugees from afghanistan pakistan and iran run a business making bags and backpacks using old tents and other material from the camp they want lived in i can support my family i take care of my children better as long as i have a job here. i have to stay here lisa campbell founded the ngo that set up this business what it does is give them
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a reason to be able to stay here because they are safe here their kids can go to school here they have medical care here there are there are reasons to stay angry if you have a job. the greek government has closed a number of refugee camps on the mainland preferring to try and integrate refugees into society all that remains of camp is the sitemap and whatever these budding entrepreneurs could salvage this is a pile of beds recovered from a recently closed refugee camp this canvas will soon be turned into designer items it is if you like upcycling of the refugee crisis this business turning a lot of misery into a little bit of hope and happiness made in greece here or at least the exercise in integration is going well. i think it's a great improvement for the area and people can get to know what these refugees and organizations are doing. but lisa campbell knows they're really only scratching the
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surface of a much bigger problem i want to know that i've done made a difference in these lives. and maybe the example somebody else can pick up and maybe other people can do the same thing to help those thousands upon thousands of dollars. but it's a start and the bags are selling like hotcakes online. al-jazeera or not fitter greece the swedish furniture giant i care is under investigation for receiving tax breaks in the netherlands the european commission has launched a probe into ikea's deals in the netherlands but eventually it out the company to avoid paying the correct amount of tax ikea says its such deals are in accordance with european union rules.
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top stories for you now to syria the u.n. security council is getting ready to vote on a draft resolution rejecting the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital u.s. president donald trump's announcement on jerusalem earlier this month has been widely criticized and sparked mass protests around the world there's more anger across the occupied palestinian territories on sunday night with demonstrators burning effigies of trump and israel's leader benjamin netanyahu mike hanna has more from united nations the debate about the resolution that's due to be introduced by egypt has in effect already begun we've heard from a number of the members on their way into the chamber for the show jeweled meeting saying very clearly that they were going to vote in favor of the resolution which after all is simply a summation of the u.n. position established on the status of jerusalem over a period of decades is president on time business at his national security strategy
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in a speech in washington d.c. centered around his america first campaign slogan trump is expected to label china and russia as competitors seeking to challenge u.s. power and erode its security is also expected to drop former president obama's declaration that climate change poses a national security threat south africa's ruling party the a.n.c. is expected to announce who will succeed president jacob zuma as its leader at its party conference in johannesburg when it will most certainly lead the party into the twenty nineteen election when zuma steps down as president after his second term the two official candidates are current deputy presidents iran opposer and zuma is ex-wife because as anna bligh meanies huma. three gunmen who stormed a construction site in the afghan capital kabul have been killed after a standoff with security forces it's believed they took control of a partially built building in order to fire down at
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a neighboring intelligence training center. zimbabwe's army has declared an end to the military intervention that ousted former president robert mugabe armed soldiers have promised to shut down their last roadblocks in the capital and hand over to police there's bad on stage where the saudis are counting the cost is up next on more news for you after that bye for now. hello i'm kemal santa maria this is counting the cost on al-jazeera with a look at the world of business and economic.


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